This year we will have the pleasure of dancing to live music on a world-class level. The orchestra will play for us on Saturday during the evening milonga at the Teatr Variete Muza, as well as at the Argentine Tango Gala at the Bałtycki Teatr Dramatyczny on Sunday evening.


Presenting the gem of the Festival: CUARTETO RE! TANGO

Performing for over 20 years, Polish tango band Cuarteto Re!Tango is a European-class orchestra performing Argentine tango pieces. They play with energy, precision, and love for sound which is totally contagious

During the milonga, they will play world-famous tangos, and during the Gala concert we will hear famous tango pieces from Astor Piazzolla and others.

Their repertoire is liberated from triviality, played with maturity and reverence, where each sound has its weight and the effect gives you shivers!

What a treat!

Paweł A. Nowak - bandoneon
Łukasz Perucki - violin
Michał Krężlewski - piano
Sebastian Wyszyński – double bass

Our favorite performances: