We work with professional DJs who provide a wealth of experience in hosting events at a high level. Their passion for music is a source of inspiration and behind sound. We want you to join our dance rituals and make an unforgettable journey through sounds.


Irina Nosova

Presenting the sparkle of the Festival

Internationally-famous tango DJ who performs in exclusive marathons and festivals around Europe.

A strong personality and great love for dancing are staying behind her musical choices. Irina knows well what "flow" means, both as a dancer and a DJ.

Be careful, because it is a DJ who might make you fall in love on a dancefloor

Maria Mastoropoulou

Presenting the real bomb of the Festival

Maria is the most energetic tango DJ you will ever meet! She will take you out of your seat in a matter of minutes and you will find yourself dancing your shoes off until the last beat.

Her musical knowledge is really impressive - she knows every orchestra member, every melody, she even knows each song by heart (yes, you can spot her singing lyrics from her DJ chair)

Maria has entered the tango world in 2007. She performs (in both roles) for over 12 years and she single-handedly runs her own tango school in Kalamata since 2012. She is also a sole organiser of Los Higos marathon in Greece.

When she isn’t teaching, dancing, organising, or DJing, she is a mother and works full time as an aircraft engineer.

Super excited to have her at our Festival both as a maestra, performer, and DJ!


Thanasis Pouchias

Presenting the soul of the Festival

Thanasis is a tango nomad in heart, you probably lost yourselves in music together in many marathons around Europe!

Thanasis discovered tango in Greece and studied it in Cambridge, where he embraced the beauty, complexity, and social spirit of the dance.

As a DJ Thanasis sets a scene and creates a musical journey that captures the essence and spirit of tango.

What a bliss… you will surely get lost in his music.

Tomasz Szynwelski

Presenting the warm heart of the Festival

Tomasz's hometown is the Polish Tricity, where he regularly plays at the Pick & Roll club.

But his talent often is driving him outside of his homeland - he recently played in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and even South Africa!

Tomasz loves Golden Era orchestras like Troilo, Di Sarli, Canaro, Calo, but he also loves energetic young bands like Romantica Milonguera.

His musical choices will let you express your sensitivity and dance skills on the dance floor, so get ready to dance like never before!


Claudio Forte

Presenting the power of the Festival

Claudio lives and breathes through tango for more than 20 years.

His musical taste is a true explosion of rhythm and passion.

He’s in love with tangos from 1920 to 1956, and Golden Age Tango from 1935 to 1945.

Be sure to hear immortal pieces of D’Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo, Pugliese, or Fresedo.

For the last milonga of the festival Claudio promises to keep great energy on the dance floor both during tandas and through his energetic cortinas.

One thing we know for sure. This will be a great party