Discover the secret of tango mastery during Koszalin Tango Festival! Maestros Koszalin Tango Festival 2023 - icons of Argentine tango in Europe - will share their unique style and passion for dance. Experience the magical performance of these masters who are a unique inspiration for tango lovers. Get ready for inspiring workshops, full of challenges that will develop your dance skills. Join us at the festival and immerse yourself in the world of tango under the guidance of Maestros Koszalin Tango Festival 2023!


Maria Mastoropoulou & Panagiotis Triantafyllou

Maria and Panagiotis are tango teachers and performers born in Greece. Separately, they exists in the tango world for decades and (luckily for us) they started working together in 2021 as equally experienced tango artists and teachers.

Put together Panos and Maria create an energising mixture of emotional fire and passion with a huge dose of pure mindfulness.

The sparks are flying, the floor is on fire, their shows are a real explosion or emotion, passion, movement quality, musicality, and love.

Our favorite performances:

Maria and Panagiotis will run workshops throughout the weekend and will dance a show at one of the evening milongas.

Claudio Forte & Barbara Carpino

For the first time in Poland!

One of the most charismatic tango dancers of their generation. Be careful, they can make you loose yourself in tango all over again!

This sweet couple started dancing together as kids. After years of studying ballet, contemporary, standard, Latin, and tango, they opened a tango school in Italy.

For over 20 years now they perform and teach Argntinian tango!

The quality of their classes and shows is another level. We simply cannot wait!

Find them at:
→ week-long seminars with Claudio Forte & Barbara Carpino TANGO at 10th Maritime Tango Challenge
→ weekend festival workshops (solo & couple) and shows at Koszalin Tango Festival 2023
→ stage show with life music at the theater Argentine Tango Gala

Our favorite performances:

Claudio and Barbara will conduct workshops throughout the weekend and will dance a show at one of the evening milongas.


Agnieszka Stach & Tymoteusz Ley

Presenting the pillar of the Festival

The introduction here is unnecessary Tymoteusz and Agnieszka are well known around the world - they regularly teach tango in their school in Kraków, but more often you can meet them teaching and performing abroad (spotted in the US, Germany, France, England, even on the Jordanian desert!).

On top of that they organize the Krakus Aires Tango Festival and Marathon and run our Tango Challenge seminars for 10 years. (P.S. They also own a very successful TV channel on YouTube.) When asked, they aren’t able to count anymore how many times they performed on stage. They regularly enter the tango spotlight with various world-famous artists and orchestras (most recently with Dilara Ogretman, Leo Di Coco, and Bandonegro).

This summer we will enjoy their improvised couple and mixed performances with Maria Mastoropoulou II, Panagiotis Triantafyllou, Claudio Forte & Barbara Carpino

Our favorite shows:

Agnieszka and Tymoteusz dance a show at one of the evening milongas.